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Application details

Registration will open on the 2nd of March at 19.00 CET.

There will be just one registration wave for a limited number of 49 sailors. We accept just individual applications, but you’ll, of course, have a chance of letting us know your crew preferences, in case of team or club applications.

By applying you will book a bed on a four or five cabin sailing yacht. After successfully finishing the application process you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the payment details.Application system works by the rule »first registered, first served« and there will be just 49 places available this year.

Make sure you are not late on Saturday, the 2nd of March! 😉

Rotaract European Sailing Trip 2019 PRICE: 660€

We do our best to keep the price of the sailing trip as low as possible and are happy to offer you a price comparable to previous editions. This week was rescheduled to the top summer season and we are welcoming you on high-standard four and five cabin sailing boats, all built in 2017 and 2018.

What’s included in the price?

All fixed costs of the trip are included in the package price:

  • a spot on a for- or five-cabin sailing yacht
  • skipper
  • transit log (final cleaning, sheets, gas, …)
  • deposit insurance
  • tourist tax
  • organization and program
  • charity donation
  • farewell dinner

Please consider your additional budget for food, drinks, marina fees and boat’s petrol. Additional boat related costs are estimated on 50€ per person.