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How it all began

The idea for the Rotaract sailing trip came from Rotaract Ljubljana’s team-building sailing week and the Rotaract Cup, a regatta organised for Rotaractors by Rotaract Celje, both in September 2013. These events were very positively accepted and we decided to make it upscale and international.
Since a few members of the organising team had already created similar sailing projects in their professional lives, we had more than enough experience and contacts to step it up. In September 2014, we organised the first official REST Sailing Trip with a fleet of three sail boats. We spent five amazing days in North Adriatic with 24 Rotaractors from 11 different countries.

REST is growing!

REST 2015 truly expanded all expectations,and we gathered almost 100 Rotaractors from 19 different countries from all around the globe. The first 5-day edition was extended to the whole week. Although the weather didn’t serve us very well, we visited a few of the best places on  the Adriatic Sea. By the words of Rotaract sailors, it was truly a week of their lives!

In 2016 and after 2017 we changed the archipelago and sailed in the Split area instead. New islands offered us unforgettable places and some of the most famous destinations. We visited the magnificent and historic city of Split, partied in the famous city of Hvar, sailed and visited the whole island of Vis, including some world-famous attractions of the Blue Cave on Biševo Island, anchor and swim on the surfing mecca of Bol na Braču and always had a wild beach party on the picturesque bay of Blaca. Those nights will never be forgotten.

2016 Pictures

2017 Pictures

Although the event became recognised and well-accepted in the Rotaract world, that all the places were fully booked, we decided to downsize the project for the 2018 edition. We limited the fleet to six sailing boats and rescheduled the event to the second half of August, which is still top summer season.
These changes were very well accepted, as we’ve managed to have a more cosy, personal, and relaxed atmosphere. Check out some amazing pictures below.

2018 Pictures

Philanthropic Activities

Besides having a blast, we also fulfilled the duty of service as part of being a family of Rotarians. Our philanthropic activities during all years were based on mixture of environmental and social themes.

A total financial donation in the amount of 7.450 € was donated for various social projects. In 2015, we participated in the joint Rotary action for emergency help after the terrible flood in Bosnia with a contribution of 300€. In the 2016 and 2017 editions, donations in the total amount of 4.500€ supported social project Mirno More Marina Kaštela (Peace Fleet), one of the biggest social projects in Europe. Each year, we’ve also financed one boat of pupils for the Maestral Orphanage from Split. That is to say, our week of enjoyment allowed the same unique experience to a younger generation! After the 2018 edition, our donation in the amount of 2.650€ was dedicated to the Udruga Argonauta from Murter, Croatia, for educational, preventive and cleaning projects fighting against plastic pollution in the Adriatic Sea.

Our second philanthropic activities was the cleaning of plastics from the sea. In 2016 and 2017, we cleared the magnificent Bay of Blaca on the Island of Brač of the garbage, while last year, our cleaning action happened in the Bay of Južna Slatinica on the island of Olib.

At the moment, the objective of our 2019 donation is not yet defined, but we will continue our support to prevention of pollution in the Adriatic Sea. As soon as details are clear, it will be published.

Meet the team

With all the memories from previous editions, we have a clear motivation to create another excellent sailing week. Behind the organisation of 2019 edition, there is a group of committed Rotaractors and Rotarians.

Tit Plevnik

Team Leader & Nautics

Nika Anžel

Marketing & PR

Katja Horvat

Communications & Media

David Lukanović

Customer relations

Boštjan Pišler

IT & design

We can not wait to meet you all (again) in August 2019!

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or via email hello@rest-trip.com.